I invite you to a meeting with yourself in the Presence of THIS EXCELLENCE that is already aware of EVERYTHING YOU ARE

  • If you THINK that you need HELP, I am appearing at the moment where everything is included to show you a different perspective of your experiences.
  • If you THINK that there is no way out, then I, which is contained in our common experience of this moment, is ready to wake up. If you persist beyond the true and only Answer, it is SHE that appears.
  • When pain and suffering reach the limit of acceptance, it is NOW the perfect time to finally end it.
  • If you THINK that you are separated from Existence, you are now getting the keys to getting out of this illusion.

What does the MEETING look like?

I do not know. When this moment comes, EVERYTHING will support us. It’s always different.

Each meeting is sacred and unusual. It is as it should be. The Will of Your Existence leads us.

I AM when you wake up. This meeting is already taking place NOW.

What matters can we look at and see from a different liberating perspective:

  • relationships, affairs, toxic relationships
  • health, nutrition, weight
  • finance, work, abundance
  • pain, anger, regret, jealousy, loneliness
  • everything that touches you …