Opinions about detox

🔆 Maybe some of you think about cleansing your body and mind? Personally, I encourage you. Yesterday two weeks passed my cleansing on juices. I feel good, light, have a lot of energy, clear mind, peace, quiet joy in myself. These two weeks made me realize a lot, I got to know my possibilities, I am in contact with my body, as if in a conscious fusion of Soul and body.
This detox is for me an introduction to a raw diet. My body feels very good taking raw food. Earlier, before the detox I was thinking about Bretarianism, I know it is possible for me, but not yet. First raw stage, juices and therefore deeper, more thorough cleansing, regeneration, healing the body. I will work with my body. This is the moment. What will come next?
Besides, it was fun. Sometimes it was hard, physically or emotionally, because it is a deep process. However, Nulin’s support, her experience, the support of others, Mutual love, understanding … sharing. Usually after a few hours, or the next day, the mood changed to joyful, there was a space full of Love … Generally a detox CUD, changes are irreversible …

🔆 It was such a beautiful and opening experience! I didn’t even write anything from myself. So he writes in a comment now. I recommend to all who want to go deeper into themselves, feel their body and mind 🙂 For me it was an extraordinary time, a beautiful adventure, I found a balance that accompanies me until now. Meetings in groups are a wonderful energy which was a great support, just like every word of Nulin 🙂 The days flew gently and at the same time every day was special and gave the feeling of internal transformation, I recommend it!

🔆 I invite you to this special time of being with myself. The time where the body begins to breathe again becomes light and various beliefs and programs fall off by themselves. This is a process so it varies with well-being but the strength of Nulin’s and the whole group’s support is enormous. For me it’s a wonderful leap into completely different vibrations.

🔆 It was a wonderful time, so much news from consciousness, so much freedom from love, I feel like my body yearns because of this time of purification, so I repeat myself, the mind is still jumping like a barking ratlerek, but I will stroke it and we will go for a walk.

🔆 I wholeheartedly recommend a detox with Nulin, thanks to your support from Nulin and the group, I found that something that seemed impossible turned out to be only my limitation, which I can easily overcome with positive effects.

🔆 Nulin’s detox was something completely different from my previous attempts on my own. Your understanding of the processes taking place in body and mind, your wise tips and support of the group caused that my compulsion ceased to rule me and if the mind tries anything then I am able to recognize it and react immediately. Thanks to detox, I feel healthy, happy and more creative, also at work, which I had trouble due to earlier burnout.
I am glad that you existed in my life because thanks to you I could meet and love my true self. Thank you and the whole group for your support.
I strongly recommend that everyone dare to give themselves this beautiful gift. I recommend detox, which is easier in a group than it seems.

🔆 Detox with Nulinę is the most beautiful gift you can give your body, soul, heart and mind. Harmonizing space and loving yourself at every level, such a return home. I recommend from the heart. Thank you Nulin. I love and hug.
Ania H.

🔆 Detox with Nuliną is something that you just have to experience yourself. You can’t tell how it is because it means something different for everyone. You have to experience it for yourself. It’s a meeting with yourself, with your mind, soul and body. It’s discovering your true nature. I am already getting ready for the meeting in February.

🔆 I highly recommend it! It was one of the best decisions in my life to enter this challenge and discover the best version of myself; healthy, confident, cleansed, strong, calm, at full capacity, with awakened creativity and inspiration to act. Thank you, Nula

🔆 For me, it’s interesting that DETOX with NULINA is an experience that ends up regulating the mood with food. It is wonderful to experience how much joy the body derives from fruit. Ania P.

🔆I also recommend to anyone who wants to do a body detox to do it in a group with Nulinę. Huge support and power. I have never reached the juices before where I came now. A process at many levels. And Nulinka, thank you for this beautiful, deep process and my heart in it.

🔆 I wholeheartedly recommend a 14-day detox with Nulin.
It’s a huge transformation for the mind, body and spirit.
The opportunity to see who I really am. The passage of such a detox in a group with Nulin’s huge support and love is also priceless.
This is one of my most beautiful


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