You don’t have to do anything and you can EVERYTHING.

You can humbly wither, like a fruit that the sun did not heat or drink …

You can flourish and heat lost hope around you.

You can give up or lift lost hopes.

You can celebrate every moment and discover new flavors in life.

You can fight or observe your Experience with Love.

You don’t have to listen to others when your heart whispers how you want to live.

You don’t have to follow the World, because He follows you.

You don’t have to walk if you want to run along the ocean.

You don’t have to pray to the Unknown God when you discover Him within yourself.

You don’t have to disappear before you fall in love with Life, before you weave your Power with the certainty that You Are the Creator of this Existence.

You haven’t been everywhere yet, you haven’t heard the answer to all your questions and you haven’t asked the questions to which you may be afraid to hear the answer. You can choose HAPPINESS, LOVE, HEALTH, FRESHNESS in lightness and in your truth.

You can choose raw food that will strengthen your body and guarantee your health.

Love fruits and vegetables, love these beautiful life-giving plants, it’s very easy to fall in love with them.


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