It’s a silence that has no beginning and no end, regardless of the outside noise.
Meditation is an awakening to the truth about who we are.
In meditation, answers come, but not through the mind, but silence
and then You know, although you can’t describe it …
When I meditate, words flow like Divine Inspiration,
I don’t know what will be said in a moment,
but these words dance with silence without conflict, lead you to silence in You,
and then dissolve in the distance somewhere …
When the energy of so many open hearts meets, we feel so much Oneness and no conflict with everything.
There is no Goal here.
It can’t be better and better when Here and Now we meet This Perfection in us.
Meditation is for me going beyond the illusion of roles and responsibilities, beyond the urge to constantly act.
I share meditation with others and I am endowed with something unspeakable …
I invite you to these extraordinary meetings when you feel that your heart is inviting you here …

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